Lessons By Age

Lessons: Ages 5 & 6 Yrs

Coed 5 - 6 Yrs

1. Gym Kids 1

Learn basic gymnastics skills in all events.

45 minutes.

Boys 5 - 6 Yrs

2. Gym Boys 2

By teacher recommendation

Advanced Beginner Class. For kids who want to pursue gymnastics and have mastered Gym Kids 1 or Romp & Roll skills. If new to Kids Club call for a FREE placement test.

Girls 5 - 6 Yrs

2. Gym Girls 2

By teacher recommendation.

This is an advanced beginner class for girls who want to pursue gymnastics and have mastered Gym Kids 1 or Romp & Roll skills. 45 minutes.

Boys 5 - 6 Yrs

3. Gym Boys 3

By teacher recommendation

Intermediate Class

Girls 5 - 6 Yrs

3. Gym Girls 3

By teacher recommendation.

Intermediate class focuses on advancing & combining skills into routines. Student will have the opportunity to perform at special events (non-competitive).

Boys 5 - 6 Yrs

4. Gym Boys 4-5

By teacher recommendation

This is an advanced Class, for boys only. Class meets twice a week.

Girls 5 - 6 Yrs

4. Gym Girls 4/5

Advanced Class.

Girls only and meets twice a week.

Girls 5 - 14 Yrs

5. Rec Team

By teacher recommendation only.

This advanced class focuses on advancing and combining skills into routines. For girls wanting to develop the skills necessary to join team. (non-competitive). 90 minutes, twice weekly.

Coed 5 - 7 Yrs

6. Stroke Development

Must be able to swim 1 pool length

We’ll be working on underwater swimming, big arms with rollovers, frog arms with rhythmic breathing & gliding, backstroke and dolphin kick

Coed 5 - 6 Yrs

Twinkle Toes

For the next step with your budding dancer, we’ll move to the barre and continue our dance knowledge with classic exercises and inventive teaching technique. 45 minutes.

This is the beginning class for 5 & 6 year olds.

Coed 6 - 12 Yrs

1. Minnow

This is the place to start, if your child is not really comfortable with their face in the water.

Coed 6 - 12 Yrs

2. Flying Fish

Students learn to torpedo (arms straight, face down) for 6 feet and perform a 5-second assisted back float.

Coed 6 - 12 Yrs

3. Barracuda

Students will learn to do assisted rollovers, swim using frog arms for 6 feet, and will stand, jump & return to the wall.

Coed 6 - 12 Yrs

4. Piranha

We will teach your student to retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool, perform an unassisted back float for 10 seconds, use Pop-up & rollover breathing and swim for 10 feet using big & frog arms.

Coed 6 - 12 Yrs

5. Manta Ray

This exciting class teaches students to underwater swim for 20 feet, dolphin kick for 20 feet, swim using frog arms with pop-up for 20 feet and use big arm w/ rollover for 20 feet.

Team 6 - 12 Yrs

Rec Swim Team

Learning more about swimming on a swim team.

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